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How to use your Me Luna Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups are incredibly easy to learn how to use, follow our guide to get the best out of your period cup


How does the Me Luna menstrual cup work?

The Me Luna is a small, pliable, soft cup that is inserted in the vagina to collect the menstrual flow and is effortlessly and securely kept in place by the pelvic muscles. After a few hours you simply remove the cup and empty it, then rinse and reinsert it. Unlike tampons and menstrual pads, the menstrual cup does not absorb the fluid, but instead collects it in the cup.


Insertion of your Me Luna menstrual cup

To insert a menstrual cup, it must be folded. After insertion it unfolds inside the vagina, forming a seal. There are many variations of folds, and you will find the one most comfortable for you. Here are three common folds as examples, but there are many more. It’s best to make sure that some air remains in the menstrual cup when it is folded – when Me Luna has inserted the vaginal walls press on it from the outside, so Me Luna can only unfold fully if there’s some air inside it.



Folding Techniques:



The most common fold. Press your  Me Luna menstrual cup flat, and then fold the two sides together in a C shape.

Punch down fold

A folding technique that’s a bit more sophisticated. Press the edge of your Me Luna down into the cup with your finger, and fold the sides around it. The major advantage of this method is that it retains a lot of air inside the cup, and helps it to “pop open” after insertion.


More suitable for larger cup sizes, eg; L and XL. Press your Me Luna menstrual cup flat and fold into a zigzag shape, like an S.

Inserting Me Luna

Hold your menstrual cup firmly folded and insert folded edge first, entirely into the vagina. This can be done while sitting on the toilet, standing, or squatting – find the position that’s most comfortable for you. If insertion is difficult, a water-based lubricant can help. You will find the best position of your Me Luna with a bit of practice. Some women prefer to place it further up and close to the cervix, while others prefer if it lower, nearer the vaginal opening. Your Me Luna menstrual cup should not be placed too close to the entrance of your vagina, as it might make sitting uncomfortable.

Correct placement of the menstrual cup

To prevent leakage, after the insertion check whether your menstrual cup has “popped open” correctly. You can do this by turning the cup, or by running a finger around the cup’s rim. It’s possible that  Me Luna may change its position slightly during wear, due to the movement of the vaginal muscles. This does not affect functionality or comfort.


How long can the Me Luna remain in the vagina?

The Me Luna menstrual cup can remain in the vagina for 8 to 12 hours. Generally, it will only need to be emptied 2 to 4 times a day. Since the menstrual flow varies from woman to woman and also varies during the cycle, the wearing time varies as well. Initially, we recommend that you empty it about as often as you would normally change a tampon; this way you will get a feeling for how often it needs to be emptied.  Me Luna can be worn both day and night but should be emptied after 8 to 12 hours. Best of all Your Me Luna menstrual cup can stay in place while doing number ones and two’s!


The removal of the Me Luna

Wash your hands thoroughly. Get into a comfortable position (many women find that squatting works well). Use your pelvic floor muscles to move the Me Luna towards the vaginal opening. When you can feel the bottom of the Me Luna with your fingers, gently pull the grip to move it closer. Next, squeeze the bottom of the Me Luna cup to release any pressure around the rim. Do not just pull the  Me Luna out by its ball, stem or ring – the handle is there to get a better grip, not to pull the cup out. For removal, you must also squeeze the bottom of the cup, and use your pelvic floor muscles to move the cup down. It is important to understand that it takes some practice to change the Me Luna menstrual cup easily. Stay calm and relaxed. After removing the Me Luna, drain and then clean it, by either rinsing with water or wiping with toilet paper or a paper towel. It can then be reinserted again.

Tips and Tricks

If you find using a menstrual cup difficult at first, relax and remember that it gets easier with a little practice. Even if you’ve been using tampons, using Me Luna is different. In most cases, difficulty in use or leaks are due to incorrect handling, so be sure to read these instructions carefully, and keep in mind that most women need three cycles worth of practice to use a menstrual cup correctly and easily.


Here are some useful tips, if you’re having difficulty:

  • The folding technique: Try to fold the Me Luna so that more air is trapped in it. The punch-down fold is a good fold for this, but experiment with different techniques and find what works for you.
  • Insertion is easiest if the Me Luna with water, so try running it under the tap before insertion. Water-based lubricant will also make insertion easier.
  • Use your pelvic floor muscles to get Me Luna in the correct position: After insertion, use the pelvic floor muscles to move the cup down, and use the handle pull the cup down slightly.
  • Before insertion, rinse Me Luna with cold water: If  Me Luna is warm its material is somewhat softer, which can make it more difficult to “pop open” when inserted. If the plastic is cold, it is less flexible, and therefore easier to “pop open” inside the vagina. Rinsing with cold water makes the material firmer.

Now that you know how to use a menstrual cup, find your size and softness with our size calculator