Healthy Family’s
We are a small Australian family business that takes pride in providing the highest quality, long lasting , Eco friendly products to help you and your family live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.
BE The Change
Our cumulative effect on our planet over the last few hundred years has had a devastating impact on our environment. Real change is urgent and necessary. We must all take personal responsibility for this situation for the future of our children and be part of the solution. The good news is that Change is in the air and its exciting to be part of it.
Chemical Free
If it seems to you that these days everything has a coating of toxic chemicals on it, well that's probably because it does..... From our fruit and veg to our clean laundry and sandwich wrappings, it feels like there is no escaping it sometimes. We are proud that our range will help you to reduce your family's unnecessary exposure to these harmful toxins.
Sustainable Lifestyle
A lifestyle that reduces an individual's or community's use of our Mother Earths finite natural resources. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
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The Story Behind The Brand

Mama’s Natural Magic is a small, home-based, online Eco store located in Yeppoon, Qld, Australia.

I established Mama’s Natural Magic in 2014 after having our first two children. Like every parent, we are trying our hardest to do what is best for the health and well being of our family. Making informed choices about what we as a family eat and the personal care products we use means that our children will have the best and healthiest start in life. All of our products help to support a simpler, healthier and more sustainable life for your family and our planet.

Originally I am from Germany, where I lived till I was in my twenties. Recycling, composting, bottle depositing and taking your basket to the shops for your groceries is normal for me, its been like this since I can remember. In Germany, you will find recycling bins at every train station and in public places. Each village has its glass and paper collection bins and you won’t find plastic bottles or cans lying around as they have a deposit on them. Everybody has a shopping basket in their car and cotton bags in their handbags as there is no such thing as free plastic bags at checkout.

I met my Australian husband while travelling here in Australia and started a family in 2011. We have both always been passionate about reducing our impact on the environment and living a more waste-free and sustainable lifestyle. However, it had children that made us think more deeply about the number of harmful toxins and chemicals our family are being exposed to every day. It’s scary when you start realizing just how frequent it is.

We are proud of our quality range of Eco-friendly and reusable products which will help you to make some positive changes by reducing waste every day and detox your home at the same time.

We are constantly on the lookout for new Eco-friendly and family-friendly products. We aim to provide you with the best of them. Rest assured that we only sell products that we deem good enough for our whole family to use…….. and we’re pretty fussy!