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Menstrual cup folds

Using menstrual cups for the first time and wondering how to fold a menstrual cup? Don’t worry, folding a menstrual cup is easy once you know how!


Before you can insert your menstrual cup you will need to fold it. We will explain to you the 3 most popular and easiest menstrual cup folds that you can use while inserting your menstrual cup.
You may find that not all menstrual cup folds will work for you and that is okay. All our body’s are shaped differently and therefor, different things will work for one, but not another. The most important thing is that your period cup is opening completely once inserted. If you are experiencing difficulties with one fold because the menstrual cup is not opening easily or it feels uncomfortable, you might want to experiment with another menstrual cup fold.


The 3 most popular menstrual cup folds:


C Fold (also know as the U Fold)

The C fold is the most common and the easiest menstrual cup fold. However, some women find the sanity cup to wide folded like this, which may causes discomfort. The C Fold is recommended when using a soft menstrual cup such as the Me Luna Soft, as it springs open easily.


  • Fold the period cup in half so that the rim touches together (Press it flat
  • Then slowly fold the menstrual cup in half again lengthwise to create a C shape.

Punch down fold

The Punch down fold is a pretty quick and easy menstrual cup fold. It creates a small insertion point and is therefor most popular with younger cup users. This fold is easy to hold and if you are finding insertion difficult, this menstrual cup fold might be for you. However this menstrual cup fold is more difficult to use with a soft menstrual cup.

⦁ Hold your period cup in one hand
⦁ Use your index finger of the opposite hand to press the cup rim inside the cup


The S fold is a little bit more tricky and therefor may take a little bit of practice. It is fantastic fold for a large or XL menstrual cup, such as the Me Luna L and XL.

⦁ Fold the period cup in half so that the rim touches together (Press it flat)
⦁ Slowly push one side up and the other side down while pressing together, so as to form an S shape.

Extra Tips and Tricks for Menstrual Cups

If you find using a menstrual cup difficult at first, relax and remember that it gets easier with a little practice. Even if you’ve been using other menstrual products, using a menstrual cup is different to a tampon.

Generally, issues with use or menstrual cup leaks are due to incorrect handling, so be sure to read these instructions carefully, and keep in mind that it takes most women about three cycles before they are familiar with how to use a menstrual cup correctly.

Here are some useful tips, if you’re having difficulty:

  • The folding technique: Try to fold the period cup so that more air is trapped in it. The punch-down fold is a good fold for this, but experiment with different techniques and find what works for you.
  • Insertion is easiest if the menstrual cup is wet with water, so try running it under the tap before insertion. Water-based lubricant will also make insertion easier.
  • Use your pelvic floor muscles to get your period cup into the correct position: After insertion, use the pelvic floor muscles to move the cup down, and use the menstrual cup ring to pull the cup down slightly.
  • Before insertion, rinse menstrual cup with cold water: If your period cup is warm its material is somewhat softer, which can make it more difficult to “pop open” when inserted. If the menstrual cup is cold, it is less flexible, and therefore easier to “pop open” inside the vagina. Rinsing with cold water makes the menstrual cup material firmer.



Feeling Confident? Use Our Size Calculator to find your menstrual cup size

Now that you know how to use a menstrual cup, find your size and softness with our size calculator now.