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How to clean and care for your Me Luna

One of the great things about using a menstrual cup is that you are in control of the cleanliness. You do not have to rely on someone else to clean and pack it hygienically, as you do with tampons. The Me Luna uses medical grade materials and can be easily cleaned and disinfected. You should empty the cup two to five times a day as needed and clean it with water and a little mild soap. To thoroughly disinfect the menstrual cup after your period, simply submerge it in boiling water.


During your period:

  • We recommend: simply clean your Me Luna using mild soap and water. Simply wash the menstrual cup for approximately one minute. After using soap or cleanser, be sure to thoroughly rinse the cup in clear, running water in order to remove all traces of soap.


After your period:

  • It is best to disinfect your Me Luna in plenty of boiling water for 2-3 minutes. This method is the most environmentally friendly!
  • For storing your Me Luna menstrual cup, the supplied microfibre bag is ideal, as it provides maximum protection and air flow.

How do I clean my Me Luna menstrual cup when I am out?

There are several options. You can wipe your Me Luna cup with toilet paper or paper towels before reinserting. If you have water at your disposal, you can also rinse your Me Luna menstrual cup before replacing. Carrying a cleaning cloth or a water bottle can be very helpful in public toilets, because there is not always a sink within reach.


Methods of disinfection:

  • On the stove: Bring water to boil in a small saucepan. Place your Me Luna menstrual cup in the water for 2-3 minutes, making sure that there is enough water in the saucepan so that your Me Luna floats.
  • In the microwave: Your Me Luna can also be disinfected in a microwave. Simply place your Me Luna in the Me Luna travel cleaning cup and bring to a boil in the microwave.


PLEASE NOTICE: Me Luna menstrual cups should never be boiled dry or touch the bottom of the pot, as plastic will melt! Don’t leave the pot unattended! The use of an egg timer has been proven. Cooking time 2-3 minutes is sufficient.

Hot salt water: Sterilize your Me Luna in boiling water with a little salt. This helps to prevent discoloration and increases the cleaning effect.

Vinegar water: A little vinegar in the boiling water can help to prevent scale deposits and has a natural disinfecting and deodorizing effect. Use vinegar water hot or cold, with a 3% concentration of vinegar.


Further Cleaning Advice:

Smell or discolorations of your MeLuna menstrual cup

Slight discoloration will often occur over a long period of use, and this is the case with all menstrual cups from all manufacturers. However, with regular and thorough cleaning these discolorations are slight. Unpleasant odors can be prevented. Your MeLuna cup should be removed every 8 to 12 hours. Some women have reported temporary changes of smell, which are likely due to various proteins in the blood. A menstrual cup may suddenly assume a different smell, although it has been cleaned as usual.

TIPS for special cleaning problems

Usually odors disappear when you place your sterilized MeLuna cup in a dry, well-ventilated place for several days. You can also place the MeLuna menstrual cup a few hours in a glass of denture cleaner, or sterilize with vinegar or salt water. Cleaning very hard to reach places (such as the cup holes) can be done with the Meluna cleaning brushes.