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How to clean a menstrual cup

Cleaning a menstrual cup is not difficult. Me Luna menstrual cup uses medical grade materials and is easy to clean and disinfect. It is advised to empty the Me Luna cup at least every 8 hours and clean the sanitary cup under cold water and a little bit of mild soap. By boiling a menstrual cup, you will thoroughly disinfect your Me Luna cup, but this is only necessary at the end/beginning of each cycle.


How to clean a menstrual cup during my cycle?

To clean a menstrual cup during your period, we recommend simply using mild soap and water. There is no real need for a special menstrual cup wash. Simply wash your Me Luna cup in water for approximately one minute. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the period cup in clear, running water in order to remove all traces of soap before inserting the menstrual cup again.


How to clean a menstrual cup once my period is over?

At the end and beginning of each menstrual cycle it is advised to disinfect your sanitary cup by submerging your Me Luna cup fully in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Boiling a menstrual cup in a saucepan is the most environmentally friendly way, but you can also use a microwave. Learn more about boiling a menstrual cup in a microwave.

Alternatively, you can also sterilizing menstrual cups by using Milton Sterilizing Tables. This is a easy and convenient way, especially when you are living a busy lifestyle or while travelling.

Once your period cup is fully dry, we suggest to store your Me Luna cup in the supplied microfiber bag as it provides maximum protection and air flow.


But what to do when I am not at home? You may wonder, how to clean a menstrual cup while out and about?

One of the major benefits of a menstrual cup is, that you won’t need to empty your Me Luna cup for up to 8 hours. However cleaning a menstrual cup in a public bathroom is also possible. Before removing a menstrual cup in a public toilet, get prepared with some toilet paper. Once you have emptied the menstrual fluid into the toilet, simply wipe your Me Luna menstrual cup with the toilet paper clean before re-inserting. Just remember to give your Me Luna a more thorough cleaning next time you get a chance.

A good idea is also to have some menstrual cup wipes such as Me Luna wet wipes on you. Menstrual cup wipes will make your life a bit easier when you need to empty your Me Luna cup when in a public toilet without direct access to water.


How to clean menstrual cup air holes?

You have probably noticed the little holes on the side of your Me Luna cup. These air holes allow air into the cup which makes removing a menstrual cup easier. It also reduces the amount of suction, making the reusable period cup even more comfortable to wear. It is important to make sure that the air holes of your Me Luna menstrual cup aren’t blocked as you may otherwise experience a leaking menstrual cup.

For the easiest way to clean a menstrual cup’s holes we recommend using the Me Luna cleaning brushes, as they are specially designed to clean sanitary cups.


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