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How to insert a Menstrual Cup

For the newbies wondering how to insert a menstrual cup, honestly, its not that hard! Inserting a menstrual cup is easy once you get the hang of it.  It may take a few tries, but its totally worth it. Take a look at our inserting menstrual cup tips we promise you, won’t look back.


Inserting Menstrual Cup Tips

First of all – Even though you may be very excited about your new menstrual cup and keen to learn how to insert a menstrual cup. Please do not try using your period cup when you are not menstruating. Your vaginal canal will be less lubricated, meaning it will most likely not be a pleasant experience for you.

Inserting a menstrual cup is different compared to inserting a tampon. You may be feeling worried as a reusable period cup is bigger. The key to inserting a menstrual cup is to be relaxed, so that your pelvic floor muscles are relaxed too. If your muscles are tense it could be uncomfortable and the sanitary cup may not open properly, resulting in a leaking menstrual cup. Get in a comfortable position such as sitting on the toilet, squatting or one leg up on the bathtub and take a few deep breaths.

Fold your Me Luna as described in menstrual cup folds slowly insert it into you vaginal canal.  Unlike tampons, the Me Luna will not be inserted in an upward direction, but towards your tailbone. Try to keep your menstrual cup folded while inserting it. If you point the menstrual cup towards your tailbone, horizontally, it should glide into your vaginal canal and will pop open when you release it.

Once you have released it, if you can keep pushing the sanitary cup up into your vagina quite a bit, it most likely has not opened and you should give it another try. Don’t worry, if it take a few goes. This is very normal. In fact most women find it takes them about 3 cycles till they are confident inserting and removing a menstrual cup. Practice makes perfect!


Checking if your Menstrual Cup has opened

Once you feel your menstrual cup position is right, with the grip of your menstrual cup fully inside your vagina, but not to far up that you have trouble reaching it, it’s time to give the cup a little twist. Rotating the period cup will ensure that it has fully opened and vacuum seal has formed. Once a vacuum seal is created you won’t have to worry about a leaking menstrual cup.

After you have inserted your Me Luna menstrual cup, you should make sure that the sanitary cup has completely opened. To do this you can gently pull on the menstrual cup grip. If you feel a slight pressure, you have done a fantastic job, as your period cup should be fully open now and has created a seal! Another way to check if it has opened properly is by running your finger around the rim of the cup. If your cup isn’t opening properly you may need to try using a different menstrual cup fold.


Well done!

Once you have worked out how to insert a menstrual cup you will be enjoying up to 8 hours hassle free, before having to empty your Me Luna. ( At the beginning you might like to empty your sanitary cup more often to get a feel for it)

When your Me Luna menstrual cup is inserted correctly, you should not be able to feel it. When wearing a reusable period cup you should be able to do everyday activities such as walking, sitting, jumping without feeling discomfort or your sanitary cup falling out.



If you have followed our how to insert a menstrual cup tips, but still having difficulties, there is the chance to your period cup is the wrong size for you. In this case you may like to check out our Me Luna size calculator and consider getting a different size sanitary cup.


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