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How to use a menstrual cup?

Reusable menstrual cups are incredibly easy to use. Follow our guide to menstrual cups to get the best out of your period cup.

If you are using a reusable menstrual cup for the first time, you are probably wondering how to use a menstrual cup. It may take a bit of patience and sometimes a few cycles to feel comfortable inserting and removing a menstrual cup. Once you get the hang of it, you won’t look back! Sanitary cups like Me Luna are incredibly easy to use, follow our step by step guide on how to insert a menstrual cup to get the best out of your period cup.


Step 1 – Sterilise your menstrual cup

At the beginning of each menstrual cycle you should start with sterilising your menstrual cup by completely submerging it in boiling water in a large pot for 3-5 minutes. This is to ensure it is completely clean before insertion. Refer to how to clean your menstrual cup for more information and learn more about boiling a menstrual cup.


Step 2 – Wash your hands

Thoroughly wash your hands with soap.


Step 3 – Wetting the menstrual cup (optional)

If you are using a menstrual cup for a first time inserting a menstrual cup may feel uncomfortable. Therefor we recommend to wet the rim of the period cup, as a wet period cup is much easier to insert. Many women find inserting a menstrual cup in the shower the easiest. Inserting a menstrual cup can also be made easier by using a water based lubricant.


Step 4 – Folding a menstrual cup

When inserting a menstrual cup, it must be folded together. After insertion the period cup unfolds by it’s self inside the vagina, forming a seal. The are many different menstrual cup folds, however one of the best folds for menstrual cups and the easiest menstrual cup fold is the C-fold. If this fold does not work for you, try some of the other folds to make inserting a menstrual cup easier. To learn more refer to the 3 best menstrual cup folds.

menstrual cup fold c fold


Step 5 – Inserting a menstrual cup

Hold your reusable menstrual cup firmly folded and insert folded edge first, entirely into the vagina as you would with a tampon. This can be done while sitting on the toilet, standing, or squatting. Find the position that’s most comfortable for you. Once the period cup is in your vagina gently run your finger around the rim to make sure the menstrual cup has sprung open and created an airtight seal to stop menstrual cup leakage.
You will find the best position for your Me Luna with a bit of practice. Some women prefer to place it further up and close to the cervix, while others prefer positioning the sanitary cup lower, nearer the vaginal opening. Your Me Luna menstrual cup should not be placed too close to the entrance of your vagina, as it might make sitting uncomfortable. Learn more on how to insert a menstrual cup.

how to insert a menstrual cup


Step 6 – Ensure proper placement of your menstrual cup

To prevent period cup leakage after insertion, check whether your menstrual cup has “popped open” correctly. You can do this by turning the cup, or by running a finger around the cup’s rim. It’s possible that a reusable menstrual cup may change its position slightly during wear, due to the movement of the vaginal muscles. Given that Me Luna menstrual cups are flexible , this will not affect functionality or comfort of the period cup.


Step 7 – Wear your menstrual cup for up to 8 hours

One of the great menstrual cup benefits is that the period cup can be used for up to eight hours, including while excising, swimming or even overnight. Initially, we recommend that you empty your period cup about as often as you would normally change a tampon. This way you will get a feeling for how often it needs to be emptied. After wearing your menstrual cup for up to 8 hours it must be emptied before being reinserted. Best of all, your reusable menstrual cup can stay in place while doing number ones and two’s!


Step 8 – Removing a menstrual cup

Before removing a menstrual cup, thoroughly wash your hands. Get into a comfortable position (many women find that squatting works well). Using your pelvic floor muscles move the period cup towards the vaginal opening. When you can feel the bottom of the sanitary cup with your fingers, gently pull the grip to move it closer. Next, squeeze the bottom of the period cup to release any pressure around the rim. Do not just pull the menstrual cup out by its ball, stem or ring. A menstrual cup grip is there to help guide you to the base of the menstrual cup, not to pull the cup out.


Step 9 – Empty and cleaning a menstrual cup

Once emptied, cleaning a menstrual cup is achieved by rinsing your menstrual cup under water before inserting the menstrual cup again. If you do not have access to water, you can wipe the menstrual cup with some clean toilet paper or simply reinsert it as it is. However make sure you thoroughly clean the menstrual cup at your next available opportunity. Learn more about how to clean a menstrual cup.



Step 10 – Storing your menstrual cup

Once you are finished with your menstrual cycle, thoroughly clean your Me Luna menstrual cup before storing it in the carry pouch. DO NOT keep you menstrual cup in an airtight container as there won’t be adequate ventilation and odours may occur.



Feeling confident? Use our size calculator to find your menstrual cup size

Now that you know how to use a menstrual cup, find your perfect size and softness with our size calculator.