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How to choose a menstrual cup


With so many different menstrual cup brands out there you might find choosing a menstrual cup confusing and feel unsure which menstrual cup will be best for you. Don’t worry, we have made choosing a menstrual cup easy with our handy Me Luna menstrual cup size calculator.

However when choosing a menstrual cup there are a few more things you might like to consider.


Menstrual cup for low cervix

The best menstrual cup for low cervix is the Me Luna shorty, as it is a short menstrual cup, specifically designed for women with a low cervix. The Me Luna shorty comes in 4 sizes. The Me Luna Shorty Size S is the smallest menstrual cup in the range and not only a fantastic menstrual cup for low cervix, but also a great menstrual cup for teens. Me Luna Shorty also comes in Size M,L and XL and offers you the best short menstrual cup options for every woman needing a menstrual cup for low cervix, even those who need a large menstrual cup for heavy flow.


Menstrual cup high cervix

The best Me Luna menstrual cup for high cervix is a menstrual cup with ring or stem grip as they will be easier to reach when further up in your vaginal canal. The advantages of a Me Luna menstrual cup with ring grip is that you can attach a Nupsi. A Nupsi is an extension handle that fits to a Me Luna menstrual cup with ring grip, to make it easier to reach if you have a high cervix.
If you are looking for a high cervix a Me Luna ring grip with Nupsi would be perfect for you.


Menstrual cup for heavy flow

If you need a menstrual cup for heavy flow, we recommend choosing a Me Luna classic over a Me Luna Shorty as they will hold more menstrual fluid. Unless you also have a prolapse and / or a low cervix. If you are needing a menstrual cup for heavy flow we also advise to choose a larger menstrual cup over the smallest menstrual cup. When choosing a menstrual cup for heavy periods, it is a good idea to go one size up from your recommended menstrual cup size. Please use our handy size calculator to work out your Me Luna size.


Menstrual cup for beginners

The best menstrual cup for beginners is a Me Luna menstrual cup with ring grip. The Me Luna menstrual cup with ring grip is easier to remove. The ring grip menstrual cup can also be used with Nupsi handle or withdrawal cord.
If you are looking for a menstrual cup for beginners we recommend steering away from a soft menstrual cup for the start. Soft menstrual cups are a bit more difficult to use as they may not open as easily and take a little bit of practice. With a bit of practice soft menstrual cups are great for women who are sensitive to pressure and pain from tampons.


Smallest menstrual cup

Me Luna offers the smallest menstrual cup around. Not only is it the best menstrual cup for teens, but also for petite women. The Me Luna Small, Shorty is the smallest menstrual cup, which is also the best menstrual cup if you are looking for a small menstrual cup for low cervix.


Soft menstrual cup

As Me Luna offers the best menstrual cups for every woman, they also have designed the best soft menstrual cup. The Me Luna soft menstrual cup has been specifically developed for women who are particularly sensitive. Women who find using tampons uncomfortable and who find tampons causing pressure or pain will find that the me Luna soft menstrual cup is the best menstrual cup for them. The Me Luna soft menstrual cup is also great for women whose pelvic floor muscles are less developed. A soft menstrual cup will be more comfortable for those women as they don’t apply any pressure.
Using a soft menstrual cup is requires more practice as it does not unfold as easily. However for sensitive women it is worthwhile spending the extra time learning how to insert the soft menstrual cup correctly