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Me Luna Menstrual Cups – Best Menstrual Cup for Teens

Why is Me Luna the best menstrual cup? What’s different about Me Luna?

✅ 4 sizes – Allows a better fit for every body

✅ 3 softness levels – Soft , Classic and Sport

✅ 2 lengths – Regular and Shorty

✅ 4 grips – Ring, Ball, Stem and Basic

✅ Personal size calculator for guidance


Why are Me Luna the best menstrual cups for teens?

When it comes to our bodies, we are all a little bit different. Me Luna understand this and have designed a range of cups to fit every body. While some other menstrual cup brands also produce menstrual cups for teens in a smaller size, Me Luna is the only menstrual cup brand to also provide a variety softness, length and grip options.


The small Me Luna has been designed with teenagers in mind and suits users who are yet to give birth. However the medium Me Luna may also be suitable for teens with a stronger build, or those who have a heavier flow.



Me Luna Classic is the most popular softness option preferred by most users, including teens.

Me Luna Sport is designed for users with strong pelvic floor muscles.

Me Luna Soft is for users who experience pressure or pain from tampon use.



The original Me Luna is suitable for the majority of users.

The Shorty has been designed for those with a short vaginal canal, a low cervix during menstruation or a prolapsed uterus (a common condition usually associated with childbirth).



Stem is easy to locate for removal.

Ring is generally preferred by first time users.

Ball is least noticeable while wearing.

Basic has no grip at all.


Quality and safety

Me Luna menstrual cups are absolutely free from dangerous plasticisers and do not contain bleach, fragrances, proteins, PVC, latex, silicone or alkylphenols. Me Luna menstrual cups are made in Germany from high quality medically approved material (TPE). Menstrual cups have no negative effects on the vaginal flora, leave no fibres and do not dry out the sensitive mucous membranes. Me Luna menstrual cups are a healthy alternative to tampons and pads, are very well tolerated and suitable for allergy sufferers. Me Luna Menstrual cups can be worn for up to 8 hours before being emptied and reinserted.


Use our handy size calculator to find your Me Luna size! Customise your size and find your perfect fit now!