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Is a reusable swim nappy or disposable swim nappy best?


When you decide to take your baby swimming; either to swimming class, for a splash in your own pool or to the beach, you will need to think about a swimming nappy for your baby. Especially as most public pools require a swimming nappy to help to keep the water clean and safe for others.

Basically you have two options. Either a disposable swim nappy like Huggies, or a reusable swim nappy. For our three children we have been using reusable swim nappies and I highly recommend it. Firstly they are cheaper, one reusable swim nappy costs around the same price as a packet of possible swim nappies. Secondly they don’t need to be thrown out after each use, so they wont end up in our landfill.

You may be surprised. I would go so far as to say reusable swim nappies are actually easier to use than disposable swimming nappies. The reason I say this is that the clip system of the cloth swim nappies makes them much easier to open and close than pulling up a disposable swimming pants. Depending on the age and how well your child cooperates, it can be very difficult to pull up a nappy like you would pull up pants. Especially while at the beach dealing with sand and sunscreen … A reusable swim nappy on the other hand, can be easily put on while your child is laying down or standing up.

Swim Nappies are designed to catch poop


Both styles of swimming nappies are designed to the number two’s rather than wee. Disposable swim nappies hold a little bit of wee. However this also means the nappies soaking up water and swelling up. Meaning the nappy is getting saggy and starts hanging low between your child legs, especially when not wearing swimmers over it. It also means they can easily have a poo blow out once soaked full of water.

Reusable swimming nappies on the other hand are designed to fit snugly around your baby. Doesn’t matter what size your child is, as the clever clip system makes them fully adjustable. They are not designed to absorb any wee, however feedback would suggest they are more effective at containing poos while swimming than traditional disposable swimming nappies.

With a reusable swim nappy there is no need for additional swimmers. They come in many different cute designs to choose from.

They are very easy to take care of. If your child solid the nappy, simply flush the poop into the toilet and rinse the nappy off. Once rinsed you can wash it with your washing. No need to take extra care like typical cloth nappies as you don’t need to worry about residues harming the absorbency of the nappy.