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Natural Rubber Dummy – Natural Rubber Soother – Orthodontic – 6 months +


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✅ Hygienic & safe

✅ No allergens, no Artificial colours

✅ BPA free, parabens free, PVC free, phthalates free

✅ No Chemical softeners

✅ Easy to grasp

✅ Excellent pull-and-tear resistance

✅ 100% natural materials

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A safe and natural rubber soother ideal for babies who need the comfort of sucking


The orthodontic shaped soft natural rubber dummy is ideal to prevent future dental issues. The size of the shield also prevents babies from squeezing the natural rubber soother into their mouths. The shield does not leave marks on your baby’s face due to the high level of elasticity of natural rubber.

The natural rubber soother is a safe alternative to other baby dummies on the market. They are moulded out of one piece so is extremely hygienic. Dirt and bacteria can not accumulate in any joints or cracks.

These natural rubber soothers are softer than silicone soothers. Non-toxic natural rubber soothers are made from pure, natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree which is grown in Malaysia.

Many parents are now are looking for toys and soothers that do not contain phthalates. Phthalates aretypically used to soften toys for babies. While they make toys and soothers soft, they may not be so safe for our babies.


Care Instructions:

Please boil the natural rubber soother in water for 2 minutes before first use. Daily rinsing with boiling water is recommended to keep the natural rubber soother clean. The natural rubber soother may change colour slightly after use. This is a normal feature of natural rubber. Natural rubber soother should be replaced every 6-8 weeks.


Natural Rubber Soother Safety Report:

All Natural Rubber Soothers meet the Australian Safety Standard for soothers, code number AS2432-1991/2008. The Natural Rubber Soothers are also made to conform with the Pacifier Safety requirements by European standard EN1400. The Natural Rubber Soothers are also tested by the internationally renowned company SGS for both compliance and also for traces of nitrosamines (proteins that can cause an allergic reaction to latex). Nitrosamines are eliminated during production of the The Natural Rubber Soother, (view this report here to see the non detectable status of nitrosamines), making them one of the safest soothers on the market today.


Ideal uses for a Natural Rubber Soother include:


  • Aeroplane travel – whilst the plane is ascending or descending air pressure changes and babies are unable to unblock their ears unless they are sucking and swallowing.
  • Painful nipples – when you just can’t use your breast anymore as a comforter, a Natural Rubber Soother can give your nipples the chance to repair.
  • Sleep Activator – Some babies drift off to sleep whilst feeding and when you transfer them into bed they can wake up. By using a Natural Rubber Soother during this transition from feeding to the cot, baby can use the Soother as a sleep activator.
  • Optional Parent Helper – Natural Rubber Soothers are an optional parent helper, they are not always essential, as many babies will never need a soother. Every parent has different needs, providing safe alternatives for your babies in these circumstances.

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0-6months, 6 months +

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Most orders are dispatched within 1 business day