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Cotton Reusable Menstrual Pads – Heavy Flow / Overnight – Green/Light Floral

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✅ Effective absorbency

✅ Reassuring leak proof layer

✅ Comfortable, lightweight, body hugging styles

✅ Long lasting, easy wear, wash and care

✅ An environmentally caring and money saving choice

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These reusable sanitary pads for heavy flow are big enough to last you through the night


Our reusable heavy flow / overnight cloth pads are equally comparable to heavy flow / overnight disposable sanitary pads. The reusable menstrual pads are perfect for woman with heavy menstrual flow or to use at night time.

You will love how comfortable our reusable menstrual pads will feel against your skin. Our cloth pads are soft, light and discrete to wear. There is no need to worry about sweat or odour, as our reusable sanitary pads allow your skin to breath.

If you have sensitive skin, reusable menstrual pads are a fantastic alternative for you. Unlike some disposable menstrual pads, our cloth pads don’t contain any harmful toxins, therefor they are kind to your skin, causing less irritation.

Our reusable sanitary pads are so easy to use, simply bend the wings around your underwear and close the snap. That way they will stay in place and you don’t need to worry about leaking.

Our cloth pads are comprised of 6 layers – upper layer is 2 layers are cotton which are niche and soft against your skin, the inner are 2 layers of microfiber and the outer 2 layers are cotton water-resistant PUL to prevent leaks. The reusable sanitary pads are simply secured with wings and snaps, The measurements or our reusable heavy flow / overnight cloth pads are approximately 30 x 11 cm (without wings).


Care Instructions for your reusable menstrual pads:

  • To prevent staining, rinse the reusable menstrual pads under cold or warm running water after changing your pad
  • To release stains briskly rub soap into the cloth pad
  • Place cloth pads into a wet bag or nappy bucket until washing
  • No need to soak
  • Wash with cloth nappies, separately, or with your regular laundry, using only 1/2 the recommended amount of detergent
  • Hang for drying in the sun
  • Do not use bleach or fabric softener

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Purple / Black, Purple / Light Purple

Free shipping for all orders over $150
Most orders are dispatched within 1 business day