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Our cumulative effect on our planet over the last few hundred years has had a devastating impact on our environment. Real change is urgent and necessary. We must all take personal responsibility for this situation for the future of our children and be part of the solution. The good news is that Change is in the air and its exciting to be part of it.
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If it seems to you that these days everything has a coating of toxic chemicals on it, well that's probably because it does..... From our fruit and veg to our clean laundry and sandwich wrappings, it feels like there is no escaping it sometimes. We are proud that our range will help you to reduce your family's unnecessary exposure to these harmful toxins.
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A lifestyle that reduces an individual's or community's use of our Mother Earths finite natural resources. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
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Compostable Bin Liners – Biotuff – Medium 30l x 25 bags


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✅ Compostable bin liners for home compost

✅ Superior puncture, tear and heat resistance

✅ Impact toughness and leak-proof

✅ Breathable – great for controlling odour

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100% biodegradable and compostable bin liners


If you are looking for biodegradable and compostable bin liners, you have come to the right place. Biotuff’s compostable bin bags are perfect for sorting your rubbish out at home and lining your bins. Say goodbye to plastic bags that sit in landfill forever. These eco friendly biodegradable bin bags are a great alternative to plastic bin bags. 

Biotuff’s biodegradable bin bags are strong and leak proof. They’re breathable and therefor great for controlling odour. 

Biotuff compostable and biodegradable bin liners are made from non-GMO corn starch and will break down in 90 days in your home compost or within 6 months in landfill.

Be the change:

Biotuff biodegradable bin bags are manufactured from renewable and sustainable resources and plant based thermoplastic corn starch that also contains no GMO. Since compost is a rich organic soil that is formed when micro-organisms decompose in yard or kitchen waste, Biotuff is providing numerous benefits for the Earth and its surroundings.

Biotuff is not only good for the environment, but will make you feel good about the positive impact you are making. Did you know that by composting, a typical family can reuse more than 300 Kilograms of waste each year?
Making the switch to compostable bin bags such as Biotuff will help reduce the volume of litter on the Earth.



  • Order quantity 1 Roll (25 Bags)
  • Bag Size 57 cm x 51 cm
  • Bag Thickness Gauge 18 cm
Free shipping for all orders over $150
Most orders are dispatched within 1 business day