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Biodegradable Kids Toothbrush – Jack & Jill – Unicorn



✅ Made from 100% Corn Starch (Non GMO!)

✅ Fully biodegradable

✅ Soft bristles

✅ BPA free

✅ Country of origin: Australia

In stock

Biodegradable toothbrush which can go in your compost bin


The Jack & Jill toothbrush is a biodegradable toothbrush for kids. The economical handle is made out from non GMO corn starch and the soft bristles are out of BPA-free nylon.

With choosing Jack & Jill toothbrushes, you are making an excellent choice to help protecting our planet! Unlike many other toothbrushes the Jack & Jill toothburshes are actually biodegratable and wont end up in land-fill for millions of years.
Once finished with the Jack & Jill toothbrush you simply break off the toothbrush head and place in your bin The rest of the toothbrush can go in your compost, where it will take approximately 1 year to break down.


Care Instructions:
  • Thoroughly rinse before & after brushing
  • Stand vertical to allow the bristles to air dry
  • Sterilise tooth brush regularly


Disposal instructions:
  • Break off toothbrush head
  • Discard thoughtfully. Check with local recycling programs if suitable (Nylon is recyclable)
  • Place the rest of the toothbrush into your compost
    Typically takes approximately 1 year to break down into a chalk like stick in a home compost. (90 days to break down in a commercial compost.)