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FAQ about Menstrual Cups

Regardless of whether you are a menstrual cup beginner or have been using a menstrual cup for quite some time, we have all the answers for your questions regarding menstrual cups.
You will find most of the standard questions in our ultimate menstrual cup guide and more specific answers about Me Luna in the Me Luna Menstrual Cup Australia guide.

Below, you will find a list of the more specific questions you might have regarding menstrual cups.  If you have any questions which are not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Can you swim with a menstrual cup?

Yes, you definitely can swim with a menstrual cup! When the Me Luna is inserted correctly it creates a seal and your period cup won’t leak any menstrual fluid.
When using a menstrual cup while going swimming, you don’t need to worry about pool water being absorbed. Tampons can absorb pool water and with it bacteria which sit in you vaginal canal. Wearing a menstrual cup when going swimming will reduce this risk. Furthermore if you go swimming with a menstrual cup instead of tampons, also means you do not need to worry about a string hanging out. Menstrual cups also hold more fluid than a tampon, so you may be able to swim for longer.
We recommend emptying your Me Luna menstrual cup prior to going swimming. Make sure that your sanitary cup is inserted correctly and you won’t experience a leaking menstrual cup. Learn more about inserting a menstrual cup.

Exercise while wearing a Me Luna menstrual cup?

Yes, menstrual cups such as Me Luna are fantastic to wear during workouts. Due to the period cup being flexible you will find it is much more comfortable than wearing a tampon. It doesn’t matter if you are running, lifting weights, going swimming or doing yoga, you can be assured that your Me Luna will hold the menstrual fluid if inserted correctly. A menstrual cup sits securely inside your body and you don’t need to worry about it falling out. Another positive thing about wearing a menstrual cup, is that there is no need to take spare pads or tampons to the gym.
We recommend to emptying your Me Luna menstrual cup before starting exercise. Make sure that your sanitary cup is inserted correctly and you won’t experience a leaking menstrual cup. Learn more about inserting a menstrual cup.

Can you have sex with a Me Luna menstrual cup?

Menstrual cups should not be worn during sexual intercourse as they can injury you or your partner. A menstrual cup is sitting quite low in the vagina, especially if you’re having a low cervix.

Can you use the sanitary cup for postpartum bleeding?

No, reusable menstrual cups are not suitable for postpartum bleeding. Internal sanitary products such as menstrual cups and tampons increase the risk of infections. For bleeding after giving birth you should only use pads till you get the all clear from your doctor.

Can you use a period cup overnight?

Yes, you can use a period cup overnight. The Me Luna menstrual cup can be worn for up to 8 hours. Simply empty the menstrual cup before going to bed and then empty it again first thing in the morning. If you have a very heavy flow you may like to wear additional reusable panty liners for the first night of your period or upgrade to a bigger Me Luna size.

Can a menstrual cup and IUD be used together?

Many women decide to use an Intra Uterine Device (IUD) as contraception, as IUDs are not only a hassle free birth control option, but IUDs can also help with heavy bleeding and painful periods.
If you are using an IUD or considering it, we have good news for you! Using a menstrual cup with IUD is not a problem! Check out our menstrual cup and IUD guide for more detailed information.

Sterilising menstrual cup

Sterilising menstrual cups is important to keep them hygienic and safe to use! Sterilising menstrual cups is done by boiling your period cup for 3-5 minutes in either in a menstrual cup steriliser or a saucepan. But don’t worry this only needs to be done before/after each cycle. Learn more about how to boil a menstrual cup. You might also find our general how to clean a menstrual cup guide helpful.

What to do about a stained menstrual cup?

If you have a menstrual cup stain, don’t worry. Menstrual cup stain can be removed or reduced by deep cleaning a menstrual cup with baking soda. For a deep clean, place your Me Luna menstrual cup in 100 ml of warm water with 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Leave it in the cleaning bath for 2 to 4 hours. After that rinse the Me Luna cup thoroughly with water! Read more about stained menstrual cup.

What to do about menstrual cup smell?

Menstrual cup smell can develop due to the protein compound in the menstrual fluid. The unpleasant menstrual cup smell usually disappears when you keep your period cup in a dry, well ventilated place for a few days as the protein compounds break down when in contact with oxygen. If the menstrual cup smell is still there, soak your Me Luna cup in either lemon juice or vinegar for around 30 min. After that you need to boil the sanitary cup for 3 – 5 min. Read more about menstrual cup smell.